Retractable Awnings & Patio Covers

ITI-Retractable patio awnings provide shade and comfort over patios, decks, and balconies while significantly cooling the home.

Here are some advantages over fixed patio covers:


You control when you want shade by extending and retracting the awning. When extended, you create an instant entertainment area while reducing the heat load and damaging sun’s rays in your home. When retracted, the awning rolls into an inconspicuous 9″ package against the wall, under the eaves, or on the roof. You maneuver the awning with either a manual crank or an automatic motor with switch or remote control. One awning can span 23 feet wide in one unit, but longer if linked together with a second unit. The maximum projection is 13 feet.

NO Posts:

Awnings do not require posts for support. Therefore, they will not obstruct your view or limit your mobility. All components are above your head.

Perfect shade:

Unlike many slotted wood structures that still allow the sun’s rays to pass through, awnings fabrics are completely opaque, thus providing 100% shade.

Increase natural light in house:

Since awnings can be rolled back at will, you can avoid darkening your Los Angeles or Bay Area home on gloomy days.

Less Maintenance:

The awning hardware is extruded anodized aluminum which resits rusting and pitting. The awning fabric is poly acrylic spun died fiber which resists rotting and fading. Since awning hardware is powder coated, it never needs to be painted. Furthermore, awnings arenʼt affected by termites or wood rot, nor do they require oiling or lubrication.


Awnings aren’t bulky or cumbersome. In fact, they embellish and add to the decor of your patio.

Cost competitive:

Compared to a quality permanent structure, awnings are less expensive and generally don’t require permitting. Furthermore, installation is usually completed in hours rather than days saving on labor time and cost.

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